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    2019 YouTube Music Playlists

    Listen to your favorites and discover new artists from the Coachella 2019 lineup.

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    • Coachella 2019: Emerging Acts Playlist Cover

      Coachella 2019: Emerging Acts

      Get ready to discover your new favorite artist at Indio.

    • Coachella 2019: Hip Hop Playlist Cover

      Coachella 2019: Hip Hop

      From longtime favorites to exciting new up-and-comers, get a taste of the rappers set to take the stage in Indio.

    • Coachella 2019: Indie Playlist Cover

      Coachella 2019: Indie

      From longtime favorites to exciting new up-and-comers, get a taste of the indie acts set to take the stage in Indio.

    • Coachella 2019: Electronic & EDM Playlist Cover

      Coachella 2019: Electronic & EDM

      From longtime favorites to exciting new up-and-comers, get a taste of the DJs and producers set to take the stage in Indio.

    Coachella Curated

    • Morning Dew Melody Playlist Cover

      Morning Dew Melody

      What better way to start a day then with something mellow and amiable to play? Whether you're sipping a coffee, taking a walk, or getting things started at work, the morning always goes best with mild melodies.

    • Hot Afternoon Harmony Playlist Cover

      Hot Afternoon Harmony

      The afternoon is always the perfect time to take a chance on a band you've never seen. Take a friend and take cover under a tent, it's time to discover something new. Those hot afternoons are always the best for new harmonies.

    • Radiant Day Rhythm Playlist Cover

      Radiant Day Rhythm

      The later part of the day is when the energy escalates and the heat begins to dissipate just enough to dance. Although it's easy to loosen up with these energetic jams, don't forget to stay hydrated while elated. The daytime is radiant and full of rhythms.

    • Sunset Hour Soul Playlist Cover

      Sunset Hour Soul

      When sunset arrives we're reminded that soul is a state of mind. Twilight is full of pastel desert skies and emotional highs. One hour seems to stretch into five as time slows down and the coolness makes us feel alive.

    • Desert Night Dance Playlist Cover

      Desert Night Dance

      As the moon comes up, the desert air cools off the crowd and the music turns up loud. Lights dance upon the palm trees and music lovers dance upon the grass. Everyone focuses on their friends and leaves their worries behind, because at night, it all feels right.

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    Coachella Live Stream Weekend 1 & Coachella Curated Weekend 2

    Live on YouTube & YouTube Music

    Both weekends are streaming live on Coachella’s YouTube Channel on any screen (desktop, mobile and living room) and within the YouTube Music app

    All you know and love on the Weekend 1 Live Stream & introducing Weekend 2 Coachella Curated – three days of original content, full Yuma Tent sets, performances and more.


    • Programming starts at 4pm PT the Friday of each weekend and runs through the entirety of the festival.
    • Personalized viewing schedules can be created and live stream channels will automatically change to artists selected by fans.
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