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    Payment Plan

    Payment Plan

    Payment Plan available during Advance Sale only.   (The 2019 Advance Sale occurred in June 2018)

    For help with your order/account, please contact ticket purchase support:
    9am-5pm Mon-Fri (MST)

    Make sure you have the most updated browser version. Minimum browser requirements required to place an order online.

    In order to utilize the Payment Plan plan you MUST specifically check the Payment Plan box during the checkout/order process.  If you miss this, you are paying in full. There will be no account adjustments.

    To log in to your ticket purchase account:

    Your order total will be split into seven (7) payments.

    Exact payment amounts may vary due to rounding.

    First payment is due when placing order.

    Six (6) subsequent monthly payments will be automatically deducted through December 2018 on the same day as the original order date.

    Defaulting on payments will result in cancellation of your order and a $50 restocking fee. No exceptions. It is your responsibility to manage your payment plan and to check your credit card and bank statements for charges.

    You will have a 10-day grace period to pay and if payment is not received by the 10th day after the initial charge is run, your order will be cancelled.

    Payment Plan is available for all purchases except for Safari Tents. ($100 minimum order required.)

    You may PAY IN FULL if you do not want to use the Payment plan.

    Automated payments may take up to 72 hours to process.

    Example Payment Plan (For 1 GA Pass – $429)

    • 1st Payment June 1, 2018 = $61.28
    • 2nd Payment July 1, 2018 = $61.28
    • 3rd Payment August 1, 2018 = $61.28
    • 4th Payment September 1, 2018 = $61.29
    • 5th Payment October 1, 2018 = $61.29
    • 6th Payment November 1, 2018 = $61.29
    • 7th Payment December 1, 2018 = $61.29

    * Due to rounding, exact payment amounts may vary by up to 2 cents per payment, however total due will not exceed the order total.

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